Friday, May 2, 2014

Grady Sizemore Siezed the Opportunity as Boston's New Centerfielder

There are quite a few people who are surprised to see that the Boston Red Sox have given the starting centerfield position to Grady Sizemore. The former All-Star certainly has the skill to be a standout, but he has not been able to play at the MLB level for quite some time. He is making the most of his opportunity by not only having a very nice spring, but jumping out to a pretty good start to the regular season as well.

Sizemore was on his way to superstardom with the Cleveland Indians before injury started to get the best of them. Many people thought that he would be a fantasy baseball standout for a long period of time because he was the definition of a 5 tool player. Not only was he one of the best defenders in all of baseball, but he was slowly but surely coming along as one of the best overall hitters in the game as well.

The problem with Sizemore has been staying on the field, and when he appeared in a game at the start of the season, it was the 1st time he played baseball at the MLB level since September 2011. That is a long time off, but he has worked hard and has tried to do whatever possible to stay positive throughout everything.

When the Boston Red Sox lost Jacoby Ellsbury in free agency, they knew that they needed a new center fielder. Many people thought that that job will go to Jackie Bradley Jr., and at the beginning of spring training it appeared it was. However, Sizemore kept on producing at the plate and Boston had no other options then to give him a chance to have success in the regular season. He then was able to hit a home run early on in the opening game to show that he is fully back and ready to contribute at a high level.

People were probably hesitant to take Sizemore in fantasy baseball at the beginning of the year. After all, it makes sense to wait and see if he is legitimately back and ready to go. Now that we see he is healthy and getting a chance to play every day, now might be the time to pick them up off of the waiver wire. People in fantasy baseball still have hope in Sizemore and his ability to be a productive player.